Saint John Lutheran - Elders

Elders in the LCMS are laypersons appointed to serve a congregation in various ways, in keeping with its constitution and bylaws.

Saint John’s Elders support and assist the pastor in his spiritual and administrative tasks toward the goal of nurturing and strengthening the spiritual life, mission, and ministry of the congregation.

The office of pastor is divinely instituted and indispensable for the Church, but an elder is a humanly instituted office. We seek to provide help, support, and encouragement for pastors, members, staff and lay leaders.

Elders pray with and for the pastor, advise the pastor in certain decisions of pastoral care, help to evaluate and encourage his performance in his pastoral and administrative duties, assist him in visitations and in the distribution of the Lord’s Supper, and advocate for the pastor’s and his family’s material, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

In these ways our local elders help Saint John’s congregation and pastor to have a godly and healthy relationship.