Love to Sing?

Our wonderful Choir is always welcoming new singers to its ranks. Consider lending your voice and spirit to the fellowship of music at St. John’s. Even if you have not sung for a while, realize that it is much like riding a bike. You may be a little rusty, but you will get up to speed with a little practice. The Choir’s contribution to St. John’s remains strong, but can become stronger still with more voices – especially your voice.

So do something for yourself: put aside your daily cares and discover the joy of singing with these dedicated people of St. John’s Choir. Anyone high school age or older is welcome to join.

Love to Play?

There is also a Bell Choir always welcoming new players of ALL ages. Consider lending your hands and spirit to the fellowship of playing wonderful hand bell music at St. John’s. If you are not a singer this is a great way to edify the services and worship experience for members all while giving glory and praise to God.

Join Us!

Please feel free to talk to any Choir or Bell Choir member or Music Director Scott Wycherley at 715-850-0768.